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Updated on 6/8 We are hunting the fields for the farmers. Give us a call to book your hunt for the fall.


Welcome to Hesseltine Kennels. We are located in South Texas, 30 miles north of Corpus Christi, in the small town of Sinton.

My name is Glenn Hesseltine and I have been hunting hogs for over 30 years now.  I started hunting at the age of 10 with my Uncle Wilbur.  He was the person that gave me my first group of hunting dogs which were Queenie, Gypsy, Sadie and Speck (all were Walker hounds). Since then, my passion for hog hunting with dogs evolved, and in 2000 we built a kennel to house some of my most valuable possessions ...my hunting dogs.

Myself and my old dog Repo.           My wife NormaJean and Buddy.

Several years ago, I married the woman of my dreams, NormaJean.  My wife, being an avid hunter, convinced me to start guiding so other people could enjoy hog hunting as much as we do. We also have two sons who are ages 17 and 23 who love it as well.  Youngsters are welcome to hunt but they must be accompanied by one of their parents.

Currently, we guide on two ranches one in Sinton, Texas (125 acres) and one in San Diego, Texas (1000 acres). For more details, go to the Guided Hog Hunt section.

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Check back often as we try to update our site every few weeks. Also visit http:/easttexashogdoggers.com/ for lots of information on hogs and hog hunting.



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