Wild Hog Hunting With Dogs



Feb. 2

Posted by hesseltinekennels on February 4, 2014 at 9:45 AM

On Sunday morning, we had another group of guys come out, with one hunter wanted to take a hog. My wife, dad and I loaded up Bo, Lep, Smoke, LittleJohn, Dexter, Dacon with catchdogs Zeus and Goofy. We headed over to the place and I turned out the dogs into the middle section. After 10 minutes, Smoke goes to baying then LittleJohn chimes in. We drive to them and I see Bo running up the road toward us. I know this is not good because Bo never comes to us when there is a bay. We get there and they have bayed up the cows and we have a real cluster going on. After 10 minutes of hollering, my dad has his BB gun and breaks it out, that is the only way we got Smoke and LittleJohn to quit. I load them up and turn out Bo. Dexter and Dacon come to me as well and I head them back into the middle section. In a few minutes, you could hear the grunting and fighting going on. I cut loose the catchdogs and the action really picks up. I tell my hunter to come on as this is a big bad hog. We get to him and it is a big boar with all 4 cutters and he is doing some whacking. I finally get ahold of his hind legs and our hunter takes him out. Bo and Dacon get cut up pretty good but nothing serious. We head over to the kennels and take care of the hog. A good hunt besides the one mishap and we met some really good people.

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