Wild Hog Hunting With Dogs



Feb. 9th

Posted by hesseltinekennels on February 12, 2014 at 2:40 PM

We had a hunter from Alabama to come out and hunt with us. He works with our buddies at Dynamic Oilfield Services who told him about us. NormaJean, Dad, and I loaded up Bo, Red Dog, Smoke, Little Red, Bull with catchdogs Tough and Goofy. We headed over to the place. We see hogs crossing the big pipeline sendera going southwest. I was a little worried as I knew it was a large herd and didn’t want all the dogs running their own hog. We turned loose and all the dogs headed southwest then they turned east and headed toward the east thicket. We drive around and sure enough, we have three different races going on. A hog comes past us heading back southwest from where we originally turned out. Red Dog is right behind him (within a few feet). I look at the garmin and see Bo already 600 yards to the north and heading toward the front part. I hear Smoke every once in a while bark and my two pups are with him. You could hear the brush crashing where they were at. I kept my eye on the garmin as I figured those old dogs would end up bayed or caught pretty soon. After another 10 minutes, I noticed on my garmin that it showed my two pups caught. We listened and thought we could hear a bark or two but with the wind, we couldn’t be for sure. I told everyone to jump in the truck and we get drive around and get closer to them to see what was going on. As I am driving up to the back pond, I see a young dog go flying threw the air. I knew what was going on then as the pups and Smoke had a really good boar in the pond. We cut loose the catchdogs and they cannot hear as the dogs are caught on to the hog and not making any noise. The catchdogs go running into the east thicket. I tell my hunter and our buddy John to get ready as we are going to catch this hog with or without the catchdogs. As I get to the bank, the hog comes barreling toward me. I back up a few steps and the hog comes onto the bank. The young dogs and Smoke all have him caught from the back end and won’t let him move. I side step the boar and get in behind him but I sink in the mud which goes over my knee. I grab the hog by the tail and he almost yanks me out of my boots but John grabs my other arm and helps me to regain my balance. While this was going on, Goofy shows up and has caught the ear and then Tough has caught the other ear. I grab a hind leg as does John and we tell our hunter to get up there and do his thing. He does and the big black and white boar goes down. It takes all of us to drag him out as he is well over 200 lbs. The dogs have a few nicks on them but they are fine. I couldn’t believe my young dogs and very proud of them. My brother and Dad had went and got my other two dogs as this was going on. What a really great hunt and looking forward to the next one.

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