Wild Hog Hunting With Dogs



Feb. 12th

Posted by hesseltinekennels on February 14, 2014 at 10:10 AM

We had a couple hunters come in with Jason for an afternoon hunt. Dad and I loaded up Pinto, Lep, Smoke, Speck, Blaze along with catchdogs Zeus and Rascal. My brother had his two catchdogs as well along with Jason’s three dogs. We get over to the place and see a hog down at the far end of the big sendera. We drive towards him and I tell Jason to go ahead and drop his dogs. Hog breaks into the brush and heads back east. I go ahead and drive around to the east thicket and turn out. In a few minutes, we have 3 different races going on. Lep crosses the road going back west. Pinto is headed north and Smoke and the two pups are heading back south. After a few minutes, we hear a grunt in the middle section so we head that way. Gary’s two catchdogs along with Jason’s have caught a small shoat which we quickly dispatch. With this commotion, all the dogs except Pinto have come to us. I head them south across from the middle section. Speck opens up and we drive around to the road going south from the pond. We see a good boar cross right in front of us with my two pups in hot pursuit. I check the garmin and see that Pinto is caught back in the front part. I tell my hunters to come on. We drive that way and can hear the squeal. We head in there and Pinto and one of Gary’s dogs have the 100 lb sow caught. Our hunter takes it out. I check the garmin and see that my two pups, Lep and Smoke are caught in the east thicket. We drive down the east fenceline and get within 50 yards of them. We turn off the truck and listen. Nothing, so I turn Pinto loose and in a few minutes all the dogs come out to the truck. They are covered in blood and I assume they have caught and killed a shoat. We give the dogs a little break, but Pinto has rolled out and he lets out a few barks as he is heading northwest. The dogs go to him and we drive around. We stop on the big sendera and we have a couple bays going on. One starts to squeal, so we drive around to the small pipe line sendera and I cut loose the catchdogs. We head in there and jumping cactus is everywhere. The dogs have about another 100 lb sow caught. Our hunter takes the hog out. Good hunt and no dogs hurt plus we made some great new friends.

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