Wild Hog Hunting With Dogs



Mar. 12th

Posted by hesseltinekennels on May 13, 2014 at 1:10 PM

We had our friend from Canada come out with some of her relatives for another hunt with us. Dad, Norma Jean, Brennan and I loaded up Lep, Speck, Blaze, Dacon, and Little John along with catch dogs Zeus and Goofy. We head over to the place and turn them out into the east thicket. The wind is gusting around 40 mph from the north. Dogs head in there and in about 5 minutes, we have a few races going on. Lep and Dacon head toward the north section, Speck and Blaze are in the middle section and Little John is in the northwest corner. After a good 30 minutes, we hear Little John go to baying. We get within a 100 yards of him and we release the catch dogs. We hear them catch and head toward him. The other dogs make it there before us. We get to them and see they have a good sow about 150 lbs. Our hunter gets in there and takes her out. The dogs are pretty much tired out so we go back and switch out. We load up Red Dog, Smoke, Brodie, Dexter, and then I keep Speck along with the same catch dogs. We head back over and decide to turn loose in the southwest corner. Dogs strike and head toward the east thicket. After a short race, we hear the fight. We head over and of course they are caught in the bottom of the east thicket. We cut loose the catch dogs and head in. We have to crawl on our hands and knees for about 150 yards to get to them. We get there and they have another good sow caught about 150 lbs. Our hunter gets in there and takes her out. I start looking and notice that Smoke is not here. I look at the garmin and it shows him bayed in the front section. I tell everyone to hurry up as we need to get to him. I ask the hunters if they want to take this one and their daughter says she is up to the task. I cut loose the catch dogs but before they get there, Smoke comes out to us. In a minute or two you hear the fight as the catch dogs have managed to find him. We head in there and the dogs have a big boar around 175 lbs caught. Our hunter does a great job and takes the beast out. What a great hunt catching 3 really good hogs and meeting some really nice people.

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