Wild Hog Hunting With Dogs



Nov 14

Posted by hesseltinekennels on November 18, 2014 at 12:10 AM

We had Father Patrick Serna out for a hunt this past Friday. He brought along a few guests to watch the action. We loaded up Jed, Speck, Blaze, June, Brutus along with catch dogs Rascal and Goofy. We turn out down on the southwest corner. All the dogs go out a few hundred yards and open up (as we are hunting my open pack of dogs). The run for a good 5 minutes and we hear them go to baying. We drive around to the gulley and they have a nice 75 lb sow caught. Father Patrick jumps into action and makes a good stab. We turn the dogs back loose and head them back east. Again the open up after a few minutes and the race is on. June and Speck go to the east thicket and Jed and Blaze are running toward the middle. We get to June and Speck who are baying in the east thicket. My brother and nephew go in there and release a small shoat that the dogs have caught. We head over to the middle and turn loose June and Speck to help the other dogs out. We have a long 30 minute race but the dogs could not shut them down. They starting coming back in and I loaded them up. I decide to go and get another pack (one of my silent packs). I load up Little John, Bo, Curly, Houdini and keep Brutus along with the same catch dogs. We head to the southeast corner where we turn loose into the east thicket. Dogs make a big circle and nothing. I see Little John coming down the east fence line when I see him throw his head up, break into the brush and go to baying. I knew this was a good hog because Little John will catch anything 100 lbs and under. We drive up that way and the hog is in a brush pile. We cut the catch dogs loose. The other dogs are there by now and we have a good battle going on. It takes me a little while to get to the hog. Once I do, I grab a back leg and tell Father Serna to get around beside me and take the boar out. He makes a great stab between all the brush and takes out the 125 lb boar that has some cutters on him.

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