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Nov. 15th

Posted by hesseltinekennels on November 17, 2014 at 3:45 PM

Well Father Serna brought more of his buddies out hunting on Saturday morning. So we loaded up Pinto, Red Dog, Brutus, Dacon, Skinny, Dexter with catch dogs Zeus and Tough. We start around 8 am and it is nice and cold but windy. We decide to turn loose in the southeast corner again and hit the east thicket as I figure the hogs will be bedded down. We turn loose and after a good 5 minutes, we have two bays going on. We drive around to the sendera coming from the middle pond. We have one hog caught to our left and another one caught about a 100 yards down in the east thicket. NormaJean takes a couple of the hunters into the east thicket where they stab a nice 100 lb black sow. Meanwhile, we get to the other caught hog and my hunter stabs about a 40-50 lb sow. We load up the dogs and head to the southwest corner and turn loose. In a matter of minutes, you hear the fight going on. We cut the catch dogs loose and head in. They dogs have a 100 lb boar caught up in under an old fallen tree. It takes us awhile to get to him but when we do, our hunter does a great job of taking him out. We decide to give the dogs a little break. While we are there talking, my nephew calls and lets us know that he says a few good hogs crossing into the northwest corner. We head that way. I turn loose on the west fence line right by the small sendera. The dogs can wind them and the race is on. They stop one right before the big sendera in a bunch of jumping cactus (nice). We get to them and they have another nice 100 lb boar stopped. Our hunter gets in there and makes a good stab. Dogs have already rolled out and I can tell they have picked up the scent of another hog as they are moving quickly. Look at the garmin and it shows them bayed way down in the east thicket. We drive that way. Once I stop the truck and get out, I hear a dog yelp and I knew we had one that was hit by the hog. There was no squealing which usually means a good boar. Turned loose the catch dogs and all heck breaks loose and you could hear the fight. We get in there and see that it is a 150 reddish black boar with good cutters. One of our hunters notices Dacon with her guts hanging out. I told them we got to kill this hog quickly. NormaJean grabs Dacon and holds her down. It takes me a few minutes to maneuver and get to the hog as we are on our hands and knees. I finally get to the back legs and our hunter gets in there and takes out the hog. I get Dacon back to the truck and head to the kennels. I get her all prepped up and staple her shut. We unload these dogs as they are gassed. We load up Bo, LittleJohn, Blaze, Houdini, along with Pinto and catch dogs Rascal and Goofy. We head back over and I decide to turn loose back in the southwest corner. After a good 10 minutes, we have dogs going in 3 different directions. Pinto is heading toward the northwest corner, LittleJohn and Houdini are heading toward the east thicket and Bo and Blaze are caught right by the gulley toward the pond. So we head toward Bo and Blaze, they have another 60 lb sow caught and one of our hunters takes her out. By that time, LittleJohn and Houdini are caught in the east thicket. My brother and nephew get to them and release a 40 lb hog. We head back to the front and see Pinto cross the big pipeline sendera heading into the middle part. It takes us awhile and finally NormaJean catches him. He was after a smaller hog but must have had some cutters as Pinto is cut in the left shoulder but not bad. We are there taking a break when we see a really large red boar and another smaller hog come out on the big sendera back by fence line. He stands there for 2 or 3 minutes just watching us. He finally heads on into the west section heading toward the small pipeline. I drive down in behind them so the dogs could get the wind on them. We turn them loose and after a few minutes, they are bayed straight north in all that jumping cactus we were in earlier. We head that way. We could hear the fight once we stopped, so I cut the catch dogs loose. We make our way in there and they have a 275 lb boar caught but he is throwing dogs. Bo is locked on one ear but you can see blood pouring from his mouth. My brother finally gets behind the hog and grabs the legs. Our hunter is really nervous but my wife directs him and he makes a stab but the beast does not go down. My wife directs him to stab again and he does and with this the big hog goes down. I get the dogs out and take a look at Bo. He has a big cut in the back of the jaw that goes completely through. My wife holds him down and we get him stapled up. What a day of hunting. The hunters did great and when I checked on the dogs this morning, they were doing good. Dacon was up and wanting to go hunting.

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