Wild Hog Hunting With Dogs



Nov. 26th

Posted by hesseltinekennels on December 4, 2014 at 4:25 PM

We had a great hunt on the day before Thanksgiving with Father Patrick and some of his friends. They showed up right around 12:30 pm. We had loaded up Skinny, Little Red, Bull, Brutus, Humper, Dexter along with catch dogs Rascal and Goofy. As we are going over the ground rules and signing the waivers, my brother and Dad call me and tell me there is a good boar back on the south fence line. I tell everyone to load up and head that way. We get down there and the boar goes right past us then turns around and heads back west. We turn the dogs loose and the boar looks like he has been shot out of a canon as he is pulling away from the dogs. Finally Skinny catches him from behind and the fight is on. All the other dogs get there and us right behind them. Our hunter takes out the red boar around 225 lbs. We head the dogs into the east thicket as we wait at the pond in the middle. Dogs split into two groups. We see one large hog running down the east fence line. All I have is the catch dogs, so I turn them loose. Well we had some bad luck here. We had a bull right there and our cows do not like dogs. So the bull runs at the dogs and with them being catch dogs you know what is going to happen. Dogs try to catch bull, dogs get thrown in the air and stomped on which they very well deserved. Goofy finally hears me screaming at him and comes to me. Rascal meanwhile runs off in the brush. While this is going on, the dogs have bayed up two hogs. One in the east thicket and one right across from the east thicket. NormaJean and some hunters head into the east thicket while a few of them go with me across the sendera. My group gets to the hog and we kill a small 50 lb red boar. NormaJean and her group kill a small 50 lb black and white boar. We load up these dogs and head to the kennel to swap them out. We get LittleJohn, Red Dog, Brodie, Clyde, Curly with catch dogs Zeus and Brutus. We head back over and drop dogs in the northwest section. We have dogs going in 3 different directions and after a good hour, they start coming in as they could not get one stopped. One would bay and break and so forth. The sun is out and it is warm, so we go and switch out again. I load up Jed, Emma, Roxy, June, and Speck. We drop in the center section and once again, we have four different races going on. Dogs never get together so the bay keeps on breaking. After a good two hours, the dogs start coming in as they have run the pads off their feet. Emma is sliced and diced as she must have tried to catch one. We get her sewed up and head back to swap out one last time before dark. I load up Bo, Skinny, Little Red and Bull plus I put Brutus on the ground with them. We turn loose by the west trap. After a few minutes, we hear Little Red bark once and then you could hear the fight. We get to them and they have a good 150 boar caught with nice cutters. Out hunter does a good job and takes him out. Bo is not there, so I look on my Garmin and it shows him as caught by the big oak trees on the west sendera from the pond. We drive that way and stop. We could hear the grunting, so we turn loose Zeus and head that way. Zeus here’s the four wheeler and starts running that way. I get to the hog and see Bo holding on to this 150 lb sow. I holler and Zeus comes a running. He runs into the hog full steam and they all go rolling and when the dust clears, Zeus has one ear and Bo the other. Our young hunter does a good job and takes the hog out. What a fantastic day of hunting plus we made some great new friends.

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Reply william
2:47 PM on January 22, 2015 
Great story sounds like alot of excitement. We have hogs around us but haven't hunted them yet.