Wild Hog Hunting With Dogs



Bow hunting is only allowed on the 125 acres located in Sinton, Texas. 

Bow hunting is available by appointment only. We can have up to 4 hunters out in the field at one time.

There are no blinds on the place. You can bring your own temporary blind, stalk, or we can sit you in a place where we usually see them.

 Hunts are usually scheduled in the late evenings.

Hunters will need a small game license that can be purchased at an outdoor supply store such as Academy or certain convenient stores.

Hunters must supply there own equipment.

All hunters will be required to sign a liability waiver.

Clothing should consist of a long sleeve shirt, pants (for thick brush) and boots. Snake chaps or snake boots are recommended during the hotter months.

.If you draw a single speck of blood then the hog is considered your hog and you will have to pay for it. We will help you track it as long as we can. We can also use a dog to help but there is still no guarantee that it will be found.

Hogs will be gutted and processed for a small fee or you can do it yourself.

Each hunter is allowed to bring one visitor/spectator.


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