Wild Hog Hunting With Dogs


Hunting Cost: 

1 Person  booking fee Call for Prices

  • $XXX after hunt is complete
  • Note: If you kill a hog and want to continue to hunt for a second hog or third hog during the same hunt, each additional hog will be XXX.  (All hogs have to weigh at least 50 lbs., if not then they do not count towards your hog. This applies to only hunting with dogs).

2 or More:

  • $XXX booking fee for entire party
  • $XXX per person after hunt is completed (for those who kill a hog except for the one who paid the booking fee as this will be deducted from their hog).

If no hog is taken, the $50 booking fee will be reimbursed and you will not be charged for the reminder of the cost. This only applies to hunting with dogs.

Booking fee to be received at least one day before scheduled hunt.  Booking fee: [check or money order] to be mailed to:


Corpus Christi Texas, 78413                    


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