Wild Hog Hunting With Dogs




 Little John 3 yr old male cross (hound, bmc, pit). Little John is extremely fast and long range. He is an excellent strike dog that is silent on track and he is very gritty. Really a great young dog who is only going to get better.

 Bama-  2 yr old male cross. He is 1/4 cat 1/4 pit 1/4 bird dog and 1/4 cur. He is silent and gritty. He will only get better. He can already find his own hog but right now he is a better help dog but more hunts should change that.

Reggie-  1 yr old male 1/2 plott 1/2 mountain cur. Reggie is young and still has a lot of puppy in him. He just needs more work. He doesn't roll out far and will stay by you at times. Once he hears a dog bark or catches wind of one, he will roll out. He is a little gritty as well.


Tigger-2 yr old 1/2 BMC 1/2 Mountain cur male. He can find his own hog and has been silent so far. He is not finished and needs more work. He also hates to come in and seems to be pretty gritty.




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